Employment Law Training for Managers

Our employment law training for managers is essential for those operating in the modern workplace. If you are a line manger and you do not understand UK employment law you are exposing yourself to significant risks. If you are an employer allowing your employees to manage others without an meaningful understanding of UK employment law you are exposing your business -and potentially yourself- to significant risks.

The UK has a long history of utilising what often amount to unscientific methods for promoting the best of a group of employees in to management roles. Whilst some organisations are of course more sophisticated than others in terms of succession planning and talent mapping, the provision of dynamic knowledge tools to allow managers to succeed is often inadequate or simply overlooked.

Understanding the myriad of employment law obligations that affect almost every aspect of day-to-day management decision making is more important now than it has ever been. Setting managers up to fail is no longer an option and widespread lean management structures mean that managers have to get key decision right, first time. We have developed a tried and tested solution to this problem.

In 2016 Reach Higher Human Resources™ was invited to develop an employment law course for MSc postgraduate students at Loughborough University. This fully CIPD accredited and highly interactive course has now been produced in an easily digestible format to assist organisations in the development of key leadership capabilities. It is particularly well suited to senior managers and other managers who have obvious potential to become senior leaders in the future.

Read our blog to find out how our exceptional employment law training for managers is guaranteed to bring immediate and ongoing commercial benefits to your organisation.