Associate & Managed Service Partners

Our dynamic Associate and Managed Service Partners model provides our clients with clear commercial advantages. This is outsourced HR and employment law expertise for the contemporary world of business.


Associate Partners

Working in partnership with our large and comprehensive network of expert HR professionals, we are able to offer clients high quality support on flexible terms. Our Associate Partners are highly qualified, proven experts in all aspects of HR and employment law.

Our Associate Partners are available at short notice to deliver both conventional HR support and complex assignments without fuss or hassle. At Reach Higher Human Resources™ we understand that in the modern world of lean management our clients expect high quality, value adding and low risk HR expertise. Our business model has been carefully designed to reflect this.

You may need expert support with a single piece of work, ad hoc support at infrequent intervals or ongoing support on a regular basis. We can help with all of these and other scenarios too. Now you really can benefit from exceptional HR and employment law talent without the significant potential overheads and risks associated with yesterday’s employment practices.


Managed Service Partners

To complement our core HR services we have also assembled a comprehensive suite of key complementary services to assist our clients with every conceivable HR need. It’s just like having your own HR department, only much better and cheaper!

By using our vast expertise and extensive professional network we are able to offer a large and diverse array of complimentary services including:

Litigation & Employment Tribunal Representation | We work with some of the most dynamic and highly rated employment lawyers in the UK. We can facilitate and manage this for you

Health & Safety Support | Having healthy and safe employees is not only a legal requirement but also a proven means of improving key HR measures such as absenteeism, productivity and labour turnover. Whether you need a one-off risk assessment or ongoing health and safety expertise for the foreseeable future we can facilitate and manage this for you

Occupational Health Services | Whether you need an Occupational Health Nurse, GP or any other health specialist we can facilitate and manage this for you

Cloud-based HR Software | Having carefully reviewed and benchmarked the best HR software solutions currently on the market we can facilitate and manage a bespoke solution for you

Flexible Benefits | In an increasingly competitive labour market getting your benefits package right is more important than ever. We can scope out, facilitate and manage value adding flexible benefits providers to help you become a true employer of choice

Fleet Vehicles | Our fleet vehicle partner provides a whole of market review of all types of fleet vehicles from personal company cars to vans and other types of commercial vehicles. We can facilitate and manage a bespoke solution for you

Anything Else | In addition to our Associate and Managed Service Partners we are able to assist with any other HR-related service that you may need. Contact us now and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.